Compare 15 years mortgage rates

Today’s mortgage rates on 30 year loans are averaging 4.46%, no change from yesterday’s average 30 year  mortgage rate. 15 year  mortgage rates are averaging 3.82%, unchanged from Saturday’s average  mortgage rate.

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Mortgage Rates:

Current Adjustable  Mortgage Rates

Current 1-year  adjustable mortgage rates are averaging 4.05%, unchanged from last week’s average adjustable  mortgage rate.

3-year adjustable  rates today are averaging lower at 3.35%, down from last week’s average 3 year  adjustable rate of 3.56%.

5-year adjustable  mortgage rates currently are averaging 3.12%, unchanged from last week’s average  adjustable rate.

7-year  adjustable mortgage loan rates are averaging 3.52%, up from last week’s average 7 year adjustable home loan rate of 3.45%.

10-year loan rates are averaging 3.93%, down from the prior week’s average 10-year  home mortgage loan rate of 3.95%.